Custom made tours


This is the specialty of Colombian Dude tour operator. The founder has traveled to more than 50 countries and has the experience to plan and organize the best trips according to your needs and expectations. Our staff of traveler´s expert will make sure that the plan made for you has everything you are looking for and that you can experience Colombia as its best. Whether you want extreme sports, adventurous experiences, visits to historical places or just a relaxing holiday, we will have the tour foryou. We are here to plan your perfect trip.

Family tours

We all remember the trips with our parents or relatives. At Colombian dude we work on custom made tours that have everything you are looking, always thinking about the needs of every member of the family. We arrange family rooms and work with hotels that are suitable for children. Colombia is the perfect destination to get away from the daily routine and to share time together with your loved ones.It will be an experience that none of you will never forget.

Senior tour

Colombia is the perfect destination for the elderly who have a passion for traveling. Our excursions can include short hikes in different national parks to keep fit and active while traveling. Enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the country and visit the most beautiful places for a lifetime experience.

Motorbike tour

Colombian dude is the result of amazing experiences of the founder while doing different motorbike tours around Colombia. Knowing that riding a motorbike is a great way to see the country on a different way, we offer the best plans for you to visit all sorts of places not commonly offered by tour operators. This will be an experience you will never forget! Check out the motorbike tours section and let us know about your particular request for a custom made tour.

Honeymoon tour

Colombia is a perfect destination for couples looking for an exciting honeymoon. The country has so much to offer when it comes to plans for couples, especially in the Caribbean coast. There are lots of great resorts and hotels to enjoy a romantic stay in magical places like Cartagena, San Andres & Providencia. Contact us to give you more details on how we can help you to plan your perfect trip as a married couple.

Group of friends tour

If you are planning your next holiday with a group of friends, we can plan your trip to enjoy the best of Colombia for an unforgettable experience. We can make an itinerary full of adventure that can include exciting activities, extreme sports, and plans to enjoy the nightlife of Colombia. Bogota, Cali or Medellin areperfect destinations to visit with friends. Great weather and friendly people everywhere you go will guarantee the best time of your life.

Solo tour

This is a trip for independent travelers who want to do something unique. We know the feeling of working hard and eventually being overwhelmed by stress, but not being willing to travel on your own. We can arrange your trip so you visit new destinations while you meet people on the way. We will plan all the activities according to your needs and expectations.

Learn Spanish and travel tour

Learn Spanish and travel on the way. We offer you the extraordinary opportunity to learn a new language while traveling and discovering the wonders of Colombia. All our teachers are native Colombians and will be available for you in every city or town you plan to visit (please let us know in advance the hours of Spanish classes you would like to take). Leave everything in our hands to arrange the best holiday ever.

Deaf and disabilities tour

COLOMBIAN DUDE tour operator offers these special tours so everybody, regardless any condition or disability can enjoy Colombia. Having a deaf uncle with whom he has traveled extensively to different countries, the founder of Colombian dude knows how to plan tours and activities in a way that deaf and disable people take the best out of each experience and have the time of their lives. Disable people are amongst the most admired people for Peter, who truly believes that we have much more to learn from them than we actually think. We will provide all the support and assistance needed for the trip so relax and leave all in our hands. The tours will be the same as the ones offered in the tour section of the website, but our traveler´s experts will give you more guidance and a special written itinerary for each day. We also offer custom made tours on request.

Luxury tour

If you want to treat yourself or someone else, this is the perfect tour designed for you. Our luxury tour will cover all your needs. You will stay in boutique hotels and resorts, will eat at the best restaurants in the country, will fly in business class and anything else you need to have the luxury holiday you deserve.

Jungle expeditions

A unique experience when you want something special. We will travel deep into the Amazon to visit indigenous tribes and places where not many tourists are willing to go. Imagine yourself in a boat with a local guide on the Amazon river. Our jungles expeditions are the best option to enjoy the amazing flora and fauna of Colombia.

Photo tour

Colombia is a great place for visitors that love to take pictures. The diversity of the country is one of a kind and we’ll take you all over Colombia to snap the greatest pictures. Whether it’s from whales or birds, historical buildings and beautiful architecture or the incredible nature, local traditions or festivals, this will be a special tour for true camera lovers.

Diving tour

Colombia is the only country in South America that lies on both the Caribbean and the Pacific coast. That’s one of the reasons why Colombia is a perfect diving destination. The Caribbean coast is full of small fish and great coral with a visibility down to 20-30 meters in warm water which makes it a perfect destination for beginners. At the pacific coast, you can find two world class diving spots: Isla Malpelo and Isla Gorgona. You can book a tour for minimum 3 days to spot whales, hammer head sharks and several other big fish.

Wildlife tour

Colombia is a great destination to discover amazing wildlife and to be in contact with nature. If you are into this type of experiences, we will take you mainly by plane from the Amazon to Los llanos or from the Caribbean coast to the Pacific coast. An experience you won´t forget! Don´t hesitate to contact us for more information about our plans, tours and advice from our traveler´s experts.


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