Peter-VeermanPeter Veerman is the founder of Colombian Dude, he was born and raised in Volendam, The Netherlands. Now 30 years old he has spent a large part of his life travelling the world, his first experiences were when he was 18 and travelling alone through Asia.

Continuing his travelling on to Africa, North America, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and finally to South America. Finally reaching Colombia, Peter fell in love with the country which of course meant he settled in Colombia.

Being fascinated with the culture, history and sear beautiful of Colombia he always had a dream to somehow sharing his experiences with others. After travelling over 50 countries his dream of allow people to experience what he has experienced has come true with the creation of Colombian Dude in 2014.

His unparalleled passion for travel and for people to experience the culture and the wonderful sights a country has to offer is something he wants all the Colombian dude clients to experience and this is why he works exceptional hard to provide the best for his clients.




Natalia Saavedra is our sales manager and also a guide of some of our tours to get people to know different places of her beautiful country. She organizes the tours for our clients, is in contact with our partners all over the world and is responsible of managing the advertisement for Colombian dude. She is a passionate traveler that works hard to make sure that Colombian Dude is well known in our target markets.







Manuel-FajardoManuel Fajardo is a skilled motorbike driver. After traveling around Colombia on his AKT 180CC, he decided to be part of the Colombian dude team to guide tourists from around the world the amazing destinations and routes of the country. He is passionate about motorbikes, responsible and organized. He loves to travel around Colombia discovering new places to visit whenever he has the chance to do it.





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