Popayan is a beautiful city located in the Cauca region. It has kept the amazing colonial architecture through the times, attracting tourists to admire the well preserved churches and houses. The processions and celebrations that take place during the eastern period (semana santa) are the most famous of the country, with impressive religious parades and many holy ceremonies. It is named the “white city” because of its chalk-wall facades. Interesting indigenous destinations are accessible by car from the city.




This is an archaeological park where you can admire tombs, stone statues and sarcophagus and more than 500 stone statues carved by the Indian sculptors. San Agustin’s area is Colombia’s pearl of ancient times, the place where pre-hispanic cultures lived for fifteen centuries. The park has three separate areas: San Agustín, Alto de los Ídolos and Alto de Las Piedras. The visit will be a life experience, after witnessing the art, power and skills of the pre-hispanic culture.



The Tatacoa desert is an extraordinary natural landscape, that it is actually a dry tropical forest ecosystem where few animals, flowers and trees that have adapted to the system and can be admire by doing hiking and camping. The shapes of the rocks and clay are caused by erosion and winds over decades. Enjoy a night in the middle of a desert in Colombia and don’t miss the sky full of stars.



Tierradentro has been declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The National archeological park takes you back to 500-900 AC. Spend some time exploring graves that are 9 meters deep (reached by walking on an artfully stairs), stone statues and doing hiking through the forest that surrounds the park.



It is the well-known capital city of Salsa but Cali is much more than that. As one of the main cities in the country, Cali is an industrious place that hasn’t stopped growing. Enjoy the green areas, great weather, local zoo, big shopping centers and delicious traditional cuisine. The nightlife is full of options to try some Salsa and to spend time with its people, one of the friendliest of the country. The famous “Feria de Cali” takes place in December every year and it’s a non-stop party full of parades, horses, music and festivals.

COCONUCO Located 30 km away from Popayan, it is a well-known destination for the thermal hot springs and surrounding nature. Spend an afternoon spoiling yourself at this town, with relax and calm activities to recover some energy for the rest of the trip.



It is a city mostly used for crossing the border to enter Ecuador, so although it offers nice churches worth visiting, you won’t find that much to do there. It has a cold weather throughout the year and some places nearby are well visited by tourists.



This is by far the most beautiful lake of Colombia. The nickname of the region is “Little Switzerland”, because the architecture of the chalets around the lake recalls the beauty of the ones in Europe. The little town next to the lake is called Las Cochas, and attracts many tourists, mainly from Colombia and Ecuador, who love to spend their holidays in this charming location. This is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.

IPIALES It is the main hub for crossing the border to Ecuador. The main attraction is Santuario de Las Lajas, a gothic cathedral located close by Ipiales.

SANTUARIO DE LAS LAJAS This gothic cathedral is arguably the most beautiful in Colombia, and is probably amongst the most gorgeous ones in South America. Built between two cliffs that serves as a bridge, the cathedral was made between 1916 and 1944. It is considered a piece of work art that is worth the visit to enjoy the spectacular views and waterfalls.

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