In order to keep the excitement of our tours through all our activities, we organize lottery tickets amongst our customers offering up to a 100% discount on any of our trips to the lucky winners. Here is how it works:

-The COLOMBIAN DUDE lottery will be played after every 50 clients.

-A lottery ticket will be given to every client of a COLOMBIAN DUDE  tour in which the name and country of each client should be written down.

-The draw will take place once we have reached 50 customers. The lucky winner will receive 50% back on the tour chosen with us.

-Once we have reached 100 customers, the draw will give the opportunity to one customer to win the GRAND PRICE:  a 100% back of the trip booked with us. You can be the lucky one to have an amazing experience traveling to Colombia for free!

Videos of the COLOMBIAN DUDE lottery will be published on the website, youtube channel and other social networks. Keep an eye on it, you may be the next one!

Terms and conditions

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