This is the first stop destination for the adventurous tourists ready to explore the Amazon jungle located in the Colombian territory. Leticia is the capital city of the Amazonas Province and it´s located on the banks of the Amazon river in the border with Brazil and Peru. After many years of not being an option for Colombians as a holiday destination due to the influence of the drug dealers in the area, Leticia and the Amazonas have recovered their touristic spirit. Prepare yourself for a sylvan weather (heat and humidity) as well as a wide range of insects (repellent is a must item to be taken with you).



Puerto Nariño is a small village in the Amazon jungle where indigenous people from different tribes (Tikuna, Cocoma and Yagua) live in harmony with nature. Their sustainable living is an important achievement of the community, with recycle and organic waste programs. We use this village as the home base to explore the mighty Amazon.



This national park is the perfect spot to experience the Amazonian rainforest. Being Colombia the number one country in bird diversity in the world with more than 1.800 species, Amacayacu is the perfect destination for bird-watching lovers. For more adventurous travelers, the offer includes kayaking and hiking at night in the jungle with a local guide. Apart from birds, the park has around 150 mammals and many reptiles that are common in the Amazonas, including boas, crocs and anacondas. Don´t forget the insect repellent with you as well as long sleeves and long trousers to avoid any unpleasant experience.


The river area is a great place to see the Amazon undisturbed. For an unforgettable experience in the heart of the jungle of Colombia, try exciting activities like kayaking, pink dolphin watching, jungle treks and visits to local indigenous tribes. There a few private reserves around to complete the experience. Be aware that this is not for travelers on a budget. For more information about the reserves, please ask one of our traveler´s experts.


If one of the most exciting things you have heard about the Amazon is the opportunity to see pink dolphins, this lake is the place to experience it at first hand. It is located close to the indigenous village of Puerto Nariño. It is also home to the world’s largest water lily called the Victoria Regia. Don´t miss any of the sights this beautiful place has to offer.

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