From the breathtaking beaches of Colombia, to the enchanting Catatumbo lightning of Venezuela, to hiking in the Amazon, Colombian Dude Travel provides tours that are sure to satisfy every type of traveler. These adventures offer a varied level of unique experiences for everyone from thrill seeking adventurers to laid back sightseers. In addition to the incredible views, each tour offers a unique opportunity to experience local culture, food, and history.


The founder has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world and has the experience and knowledge to plan and organize trips to meet the needs and expectations of globe hopping travelers.


Colombian Dude Travel offers a wide range of breathtaking vacation options including:


⦁ The Catatumbo lightning and los Llanos tours in Venezuela
⦁ Whale watching and dives with hammerhead sharks in Colombia
⦁ Picturesque tours of the Caño Cristales river in Colombia
⦁ Bird watching, hiking, and kayaking in the Amazon
⦁ Breathtaking tours of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Colombia
⦁ Visit coffee farms, national parks, and the thermal springs of Colombia
⦁ Colombian and Caribbean motorbike tours
⦁ And much more


We specialize in creating custom tours for travelers looking for a truly unique experience. We ensure each custom tour plan includes everything travelers are looking for.


Colombian Dude Travel is a travel agency with decades of traveling experience in Colombia and throughout the world. Based in Bucaramanga, Colombia, we offer a wide range of tours to suit the needs of all travelers.


Click here to meet some of the team that will make your experience something you will always cherish.






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